Art. It’s in our company's name. It's a part of our mission and our values as designers and artisans. And while a lot of clients come to Architectural Foam & Art for our fantastic foam accents and trim pieces, a significant part of our business is the art side of architectural foam.

In fact, our business started with one artist who hand-carved foam pieces for use on the interior and exterior of homes, so that artistic nature of architectural foam has always been at the backbone of our company.


Our Team is a Team of Artists

It wasn't just our company's founder who was an artist. At Architectural Foam & Art, our business is comprised of artists. All of our designers, craftsmen, and installers are also architectural foam artists, each one of them having spent some time working with hand tools to precision cut and form handmade foam art pieces.

In fact, in addition to having staff who work on architectural foam projects for homes, businesses, and other commercial buildings, we also have staff whose sole purpose within the company is to make foam art. That’s why we’re always overjoyed when an artist client comes to us with a special request!

We Never Say “Never”

We never say never. Not sure you believe us? Check this out:

(This would be a great place to sprinkle some imagery of the cool, foam objects that AFA has made).
  • We built a life-size Boeing 737 airplane cockpit, complete with instrument details and seats that you can sit in!
  • We built a 10 ft tall rearing stallion for a client’s front yard.
  • We built an F15 fighter jet.
  • We built an F1 race car.
  • We've made sets and props for fairs, music festivals, and other live events and performances.
  • We've made sets and props for theaters and musicals.
  • We've made incredible works of yard art, talk-of-the-neighborhood objects, life-size and lifelike.
  • We've made custom lettering, six feet tall, for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, and holiday celebrations.

I think it’s safe to say that, when artists, creatives, and clients with big imaginations come to Architectural Foam & Art with big ideas and even bigger dreams, we do not back away or shirk the challenge.

In truth, a lot of companies do avoid this type of work. They want to stick with making foam trim accents, crown moldings, window trim, columns, and other accents for houses and businesses. And there's nothing wrong with that! We're more than happy to take on the artistic and creative projects!

We’ll never tell you that your idea “Can’t be done.” We’ll never shoot you down or try to make you feel like what you want built can’t be accomplished. We’re here to make dreams a reality.

The Sky is the Limit!

We love taking on your custom projects! We are always excited to try new things and really make our clients vision come to reality. We have a comprehensive list of products which can be used as a model for something custom, or just tell us your idea and we can start drawing up some concepts we can work off of.

Constantly Evolving

At Architectural Foam and Art, we are always striving to try out the latest and greatest products and techniques. Our goal is to figure out ways to get our customers something new and fresh while keeping the costs down. We have a dedicated section of our company designed just to try out new products and procedures just to accomplish this end!

Speed and Quality

No more waiting 1-3 business days for an answer! When it comes to our communication, we try and get back with all our customers with the hour during regular business hours, if not quicker! When it comes to our production times, we are always working to speed up our turn around times and get our products out as rapidly as possible. In most cases, raw foam products have a 1-4 day turn-around time depending on the size and complexity. Other finished/painted products can take up to 5-10 days based on the desired finish, quantity and/or complexity.

Ready to make your artistic vision something you can look at, feel, and experience? Call our office at (727) 447-0085 today to get started. We can create the entire project for you, start to finish. That will include working with you to design the object, cut the foam to shape, seal it with an epoxy coat, and paint or finish it to the color and style you desire.

Or, if you want to use your own artistic talents to finish the foam object with epoxy sealants, paints, or other liquid finishes, we can provide you with the precision cut, raw foam object. Then you can let your creative energies run free and make your own masterpiece out of it!

Whatever your needs for architectural foam may be, from custom ideas to beautiful wall accents and other, creative uses, Architectural Foam & Art is here to make sure that you have a friend in foam!

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