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We're Architectural Foam & Art, and we make foam products for homes and businesses. Since 2002, our Clearwater, Florida-based company has provided thousands of homeowners, contractors, architects, and artists with incredible foam works to improve both the exterior and interior of their homes and businesses.

Excellent service, quality products, and ingenuity in design and creation. Those are the watchwords that have made Architectural Foam & Art an industry leader in artistic and durable foam products.

Architecture and Art Combined – Our Products and Projects

Architectural Foam & Art designs, creates, and delivers fantastic foam products that are used to accent homes and businesses. We also create sculptures, carvings, reliefs, trophies, yard art, play spaces, decorative items, and other works of art.

We have over 200 designs for use in:

  • Columns, caps, & bases.
  • Medallions, capitals, & corbels.
  • Letters, symbols, & relief carvings.
  • Window, door, & garage surrounds.
  • Eaves, keystones, & crown moldings.
  • Brackets, arches, & decorative borders.
  • Banisters & railings.
  • Exterior trim & faux beams.
  • Wall caps, window sills, & window shutters.

And that's just the side of our company that creates foam accents for homes and businesses. Our designers and artisans are also foam artists, and our team makes incredible, unique works of art out of foam. We take on new, custom projects every week, whether it's building a life-size Boeing 737 airplane cockpit that you can actually sit in, a catchy, custom, three-dimensional business sign, or a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s stallion for the neighborhood's best yard art, if you can envision it, chances are we can build it!

Our Customers

Because we're involved in both home improvement/home building and the arts, Architectural Foam & Art services a wide range of clients. Our client base includes:

Home Owners. Architectural Foam & Art is the guardian angel of home improvement for homeowners everywhere. With architectural foam, homeowners can improve the exterior and interior appeal of their homes for pennies on the dollar as compared to what home renovations usually cost. And did you hear about our special Curb Appeal Package? It's the homeowner's dream solution to improving the appeal of any home!

Contractors. Architectural foam offers an entirely new solution to providing practical, aesthetic, durable, and affordable trim accents to both the interior and exterior of new homes and commercial buildings. Furthermore, our products are made from the highest quality EPS foam. We use "C Bead" foam, which comes in at about 1.5 lbs per cubic foot. That means our foam is of a higher density, making it ideal for new construction projects. We offer all of our products as raw foam, or we can coat and paint our foam pieces for you, making them ready-to-install. What you need, when you need it, delivered ready for installation.

Architects. It's in our name, Architectural Foam & Art is the architect's first choice when ordering high-quality foam pieces for interior or exterior trim, commercial applications, unique home designs, outdoor art, indoor accents, etc. Fill us in on your vision and your creative ideas and plans, and we'll design and build architectural foam to meet your needs.

Artists. We love working with artists! From custom sets for theater plays and festivals to huge trophies, yard art, centerpieces, carved reliefs, sculptures, statues, and custom designs, we've put our brains and imaginations to the test time and time again for our artist clients, and we love doing it! If you have a particular art project in mind, just let us know, and we'll make sure you have the foam products necessary to get the project done.

Architectural Foam & Art – Your Friend in Foam

Architectural Foam & Art is a locally owned and operated business staffed by artists, designers, artisans, and installers. And while each of our backgrounds and skill sets are quite different, there are a few, shared traits that everyone on our team brings to the table.

Our priorities as a team are to:

  • Always give it our best, every time, on every project. We love taking on custom projects. We have design blueprints, reference photos, and other material on hand to help you create your dream in custom home or office accents. You can even just tell us your idea in a free consultation, and we'll get right to the drawing board!
  • Commit to new trends and design ideas. Architectural foam is the future of both residential and commercial decorations and accents. No other accent product lasts as long, is as durable, and is as easy to work with (and all on a low-cost basis) as architectural foam is. With that in mind, our team wants to stay on the very edge of new techniques, design ideas, and building concepts. We don't just follow along with the latest and greatest products and techniques; we create the latest and greatest products and techniques!
  • Shoot for speed and quality. We believe a happy customer is a customer who is responded to promptly and serviced rapidly. No waiting several days to hear back, or several weeks to get your architectural foam for your home or business. We respond to calls, emails, and messages within the hour during our business days, and we complete most foam design and build projects in 5-8 days for raw foam products, 14-21 business days for finished and painted products. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get them done faster. Expedited services are available.

Are you ready to embark upon a brand new journey in architectural design? Ready to make your vision a reality in the aesthetic and durable wonder that is architectural foam? Call our office today at (727) 447-0085 to see how we can help you significantly improve your home, business, or new construction project.

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