Architectural Foam & Art has helped homeowners, contractors, artists, and architects design and build foam accents for their homes, businesses, and building developments for almost two decades. Based out of Clearwater, Florida, AFA provides jobs to the local community and keeps a long list of happy customers as well.

Foam columns, crown moldings, trim accents, door and window surrounds, and custom relief carvings are in high demand, especially here in the Sunshine State. Architectural foam is lightweight, sturdy, moisture-resistant, and UV-resistant. It does not conduct heat or cold, making it an excellent insulator. Furthermore, it does not deteriorate in even the most intense Florida weather, even years after being installed.

But it's not just Florida that loves its architectural foam products. Orders are placed and fulfilled for customers all across the nation. More people now realize the benefits of foam accents for both their homes and businesses. We're excited to be at the forefront of this industry, ready to help people with artistic and efficient foam products!

Our History – The Beginnings of Architectural Foam & Art

Architectural Foam & Art was founded over 17 years ago by Sharon Dixon. Sharon got her start as a freelance artist and designer, hand-carving foam pieces for homes and businesses. She made trim accents, fireplace mantels, relief carvings, and sculptures.

That venture was built off of an education in graphic design and a 20-year career in creating custom gift items for clients such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney, and the Kennedy Space Center. Soon after going into business for herself with Architectural Foam & Art, Sharon purchased the necessary equipment to machine-cut high-demand foam creations like crown moldings, columns, and medallions.

In her words, "After creating freelance custom carvings for a couple of years, I decided to add special machinery to increase my scope of work. In doing so, I was able to expand operations to include all ornamental requirements."

Today, Architectural Foam & Art has grown to be a national industry leader in both construction-grade foam products and artistic foam creations. We have clients all across the nation and can ship products to any location. This company started as an idea. Now it's a national sensation, forever changing the way homes and businesses are built and decorated.

How can Architectural Foam & Art help you realize your dreams? How can we help you create the perfect accents, ornaments, and finishing touches for your home or business?

About Our Foam

What is architectural foam? And what kind of foam does Architectural Foam & Art use?

The product used by Architectural Foam & Art is called "Expanded Polystyrene Foam" or EPS foam. EPS foam is made from millions of polystyrene beads that are expanded in a mold using steam and a small amount of pentane. The mold patterns vary greatly, depending on the foam object being created.

When heat and pentane are applied to polystyrene beads, the beads expand to about 40 times their original size, growing into the mold and forming the correct shape for that object. Once the process is complete, our technicians remove the foam from the mold. Just like that, we now have a perfectly shaped, polystyrene foam object. It's rigid, durable, and lightweight. Plus, it has almost no thermal conductivity, making it an excellent insulator.

Another benefit of EPS foam is that it's eco-friendly and recyclable. EPS foam is entirely free of CFCs and HCFCs, both of which are harmful greenhouse gases often associated with other foam products. Furthermore, because EPS foam is so durable and well-made, any scrap or excess foam is recycled and retained for future use.

Architectural Foam & Art – Limitless Opportunities in Design and Build

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what Architectural Foam & Art can create out of foam. Finally, you no longer have to feel constrained in your design ideas by the traditional materials you have to hand. Now you can let your imagination run free, let your inspiration soar, and let yourself dream up all of the great ideas you've ever wanted for beautiful, artistic additions to your home or business.

Here are just a few great products that we can make out of foam:

Custom, 3D letters for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, corporate events, or home decor. Almost any font, size, or style, Architectural Foam & Art can make beautiful, custom letters out of high-quality, weather-resistant, EPS foam. And to really make these letters unique, our artisans can paint, glitter, sparkle, and bedazzle these letters to match the occasion perfectly.

3D sculptures for yard decorations, business promotions, and events. If you can dream it, our designers and artisans can create it. We've built incredible works of art out of foam, from a life-size Boeing 737 cockpit that you can sit in, to a 10 ft. tall, rearing stallion, an F15 jet, and an F1 race car. Each of these sculptures was made with high-quality, "C-Bead" grade EPS foam, sealed in a polyurethane and epoxy coating, painted with high-quality water-based paints, and guaranteed to last forever.


The Sky is the Limit!

We love taking on your custom projects! We are always excited to try new things and really make our clients vision come to reality. We have a comprehensive list of products which can be used as a model for something custom, or just tell us your idea and we can start drawing up some concepts we can work off of.

Constantly Evolving

At Architectural Foam and Art, we are always striving to try out the latest and greatest products and techniques. Our goal is to figure out ways to get our customers something new and fresh while keeping the costs down. We have a dedicated section of our company designed just to try out new products and procedures just to accomplish this end!

Speed and Quality

No more waiting 1-3 business days for an answer! When it comes to our communication, we try and get back with all our customers with the hour during regular business hours, if not quicker! When it comes to our production times, we are always working to speed up our turn around times and get our products out as rapidly as possible. In most cases, raw foam products have a 1-4 day turn-around time depending on the size and complexity. Other finished/painted products can take up to 5-10 days based on the desired finish, quantity and/or complexity.

Wall accents for the interior or exterior of homes and businesses. They say that a house is made in the details, and Architectural Foam & Art is a master at details. We have over 500 unique, beautiful foam accent options to choose from, ranging from crown moldings to window surrounds, medallions, relief carvings, arches, brackets, balusters, columns, caps, bases, shutters, wall caps, decorative borders, and more. And if you have a particular idea for a trim accent that you don't see in our online catalog, just get in touch with us, and we'll work with you to create your perfect accent piece.

Ready to make your dream design a reality? Send us an email at or call our office today at (727) 447-0085 to get started.