Foam Trim & Accents
Located in Rockledge, Florida


Sharon Dixon

Sharon Dixon

Following several years of freelance work, Sharon Dixon, local artist and entrepreneur, opened Architectural FOAM & Art located in Rockledge, Florida.

Architectural FOAM & Art offers clients design, drawing and production services for custom architectural products. Dixon employs a variety of architectural products, from hand carved custom relief medallions and other architectural details to machine cut forms such as crown moldings, columns, and medallions.

"After creating freelance custom carvings for a couple of years, I decided to add special machinery to increase my scope of work," said Sharon Dixon, owner of Architectural FOAM & Art. "In doing so, I was able to expand operations to include all ornamental requirements.

Always with a love of art, Dixon began her training 30 years ago on a personal level with a special emphasis on sculpture. During her 20-year professional career in the gift industry, Dixon earned her degree in graphic design and created custom gift items for clients such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Kennedy Space Center.

Her years of art design experience offers clients an unparalleled opportunity to create custom accents that are found nowhere else. She is uniquely positioned to provide a wide variety of products.

Dixon can create one of a kind custom carved relief sculptures depicting anything from dolphins to the human figure depending on the client's requirements, using a special type of carving foam with various hand tools.

For more information, contact Sharon Dixon at 321-795-4533.