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Outdoor wall art.
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Creating outdoor foam wall art and decorative architectural trim.

Decorative outdoor foam wall art, medallions, shutters decorative moldings and custom carvings made from polystyrene foam. Ready for exterior installation. Outdoor Wall Art is just one category of products that Architectural Foam and Art provides. Lightweight and easy to install. Custom designs and sizes are available. Foam columns, capitals, brackets, corbels, medallions, shutters decorative moldings and custom relief carvings made from expanded (EPS) polystyrene foam are just some of the details that are designed and fabricated by Architectural FOAM and Art. Your foam source for creating artistic foam designs is located in Brevard County, Florida. Add curb appeal to your home or business by adding decorative foam details, such as window sills and trim. Architectural FOAM and Art will design features that enhance your personal taste and architectural style. Expanded polystyrene is durable, has a long life and requires little maintenance. It doesn't rot or decay as wood does and is more economical, making it a great choice for architectural elements, details and accents. Only high density foam is used to ensure product integrity and greater definition of detail. Different finishes are available. Architectural details are available in standard designs or made to custom specifications. Hand carved products such as medallions or relief carvings can be created for either interior or exterior application. We specialize in custom product that includes signs, medallions and moldings as well as 3-D props and other hand carved items.